We are all connected and every choice we make has an impact. Whether it be by shopping locally, eating organic or carpooling, we can make a difference.

Healthy eating is the first step to a better quality of life and taking control of your well being and that of your families.

We are excited here at Semilla to offer a wide array of natural and organic products for all aspects of your life! Our produce is 100% organic 100% of the time and we buy locally whenever possible or encourage buying directly from our local farmers at the Farmers Market right next door.


Semilla Natural Foods originally opened as Old Town Natural Foods in historic old town Las Vegas in 1971. With a small budget and no experience Bob Martyn and Jane Lumsden opened with the mission to offer the local community good food at a good price.

Straight from high school they took their passion of natural foods and macrobiotics and created a retail space with large ceramic crocks for bulk food and glass gallon jars for herbs and a limited inventory.

For 10 years they grew steadily and then moved to their present location, a quaint house built in the 1920’s and remodeled to suit their needs. In 1998 Jane became sole owner and in 2002 completed a second renovation. Now we have over 2000 sq. feet of retail space and a unique atmosphere with something new around every corner!